National stroke medicine recruitment

We are pleased to announce a new national recruitment process for in the sub-specialty of stroke medicine for programmes in England and Wales, starting from August 2019. Previously all recruitment to stroke medicine had been carried out locally by each training region.

Applications are due to open from 22 November until Thursday 13 December with interviews to be held on Wednesday 9 January 2019*. Information about the process, including a fuller timeline and eligibility information , can be found in the stroke medicine section of the website.

Training in stroke medicine is only open to existing trainees in one of the parent specialties who have successfully completed ST3 level training and will not be in their final year of training at the time of application. The parent specialties are:

  • acute internal medicine
  • cardiology
  • clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  • general internal medicine (single accredited programmes only)
  • geriatric medicine
  • neurology
  • rehabilitation medicine

* The date has been updated from 16 January since this news item was original published.