This section of the website gives guidance on the entry criteria listed in the ST3 person specifications.

Generally ST3 eligibility criteria are the same across all specialties. However, in some cases a particular specialty may have additional or slightly different requirements.

It should be assumed that any eligibility requirement described in this section is applicable to every specialty. If a specialty has additional/different requirements this will be made clear either here or in the 'planning your application' section of the specialty's page.

There is a separate section for each of the six main areas of the entry criteria, plus a seventh page for the remaining requirements:

Please check your eligibility status before applying

Upon submitting your ST3 application, recruiters will assess it against the essential entry criteria. If the application does not demonstrate that all criteria are met, it will be regarded as ineligible for ST3.

Before applying please check that you meet the eligibility criteria, and consider how you will demonstrate this (if necessary). 

UK CMT trainees

Whilst candidates expecting to complete a UK core medical training programme prior to the advertised post start date (or who have completed one already) are likely to meet all eligibility criteria, we still advise CMT trainees to check the information here prior to applying.

Round 2

Please note that the dates in the subsequent pages of this section of the website refer to recruitment in round 1. In the event that you are applying in round 2 without one or more of the eligibility criteria being completed, the following dates apply:

  • MRCP(UK) - any outstanding parts must be completed by the 31 December 2019; the timing of examinations means that you could apply without both Part 2 Written and PACES as long as you are able to confirm completion prior to this date. Please note that this date applies equally to alternative UK postgraduate specialty qualifications which are specified on the person specification.
  • Other criteria – all other criteria not required at time of application must be completed by the advertised post start date, this is set as 1 October 2019.

Providing evidence

At interview you will need to provide evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria detailed in this section. Guidance on what evidence you will need to provide can be found in the interview preparation section.