Oriel is the UK wide portal for recruitment to postgraduate medical, dental, pharmacy, public health and healthcare science training programmes. Oriel enables applicants to register for training, view vacancies, apply, book interviews and assessment centres and manage offers - all within a single central location.

Creating an account

If you already have an Oriel account you must use this and not create a separate account.

If accessing the Oriel system for the first time, you will need to create and set up a new account. This should not take more than five minutes or so. From the main screen select the 'Account Registration' option.

It is crucially important to make sure you receive a confirmation email after registering as email will be the main method by which you are contacted through the recruitment round; emails are normally received within 15 minutes, typically much quicker, and should not be more than an hour.

If you register your account, but have not received an email to either your inbox or spam/junk mail folders within 60 minutes of registering, please get in touch via email: st3medrecruitment@hee.nhs.uk

Applicant registration

Applicant registration enables you to enter information which is generic regardless of the specialty or time that you are applying. This information can be retained on the system to save you time when you make applications. Applicant registration information can be added at any time and you do not have to wait for the application period to open. Applicant registration covers the following areas:

  • Personal - contact information, disability details, information relating to training requirements
  • Eligibility - information on your GMC registration/licensing, as well as English language skills and your right to work in the UK
  • Equality - information on areas such as ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, religious belief etc. for monitoring purposes
  • Employment  - your medical employment history and any gaps in employment
  • Fitness - details of criminal records and fitness to practise issues.

While it is mandatory to complete the equality and diversity section in any applications you make, most of the questions here include a 'non-disclosure' option if you do not wish to include this information in your application.

Guidance about these sections can be found in the the application form section.

Applicant registration is optional - but highly recommended

After creating an account, you can go straight to an application form and begin completing it. However, we would strongly advise you to complete the applicant registration stage first.

Each time you begin a new application the data you have entered during registration will be transferred automatically into the relevant sections of the application.

Therefore if you are intending to complete multiple applications or another application in the future, this will save a significant amount of time.

Data only transferred when application opens

One crucial point to note is that this transfer of your registered information only takes place at the time you open a new application.

If you open an application form without having completed applicant registration, no information will be transferred in automatically. If you then add to or amend your registered information after this point, your open application form will be unaffected.

The dashboard is the area of Oriel which is personal to you and where the information relating to your progress through the recruitment round is held and acted upon.

In the dashboard area, you will see a number of tabs under the main headers listed below:

  • Summary -  overview information about your account, including your unique Oriel PIN. From here you can add details to your applicant registration.

  • Watch List - here you can edit your communication settings, and decide if you wish to receive email alerts for various stages of the process, eg vacancy closing deadlines.

  • Applications - applications you have started or made are listed and can be accessed here. Each application contains summary information, including the status of the application. You can click on each application to either continue completing, view more detail, or carry out certain actions such as selecting programme preferences or amending referee details.

  • Document Upload - some applicants will be required to upload documents to their application, this is the area where documents are uploaded. Just before submitting your application you will be required to link the relevant documents to your form.

  • Messages - all messages sent to you via the system during the recruitment round, be they email or SMS in format, will have a copy stored here for reference (if you have any unread messages, the tab header will read 'Messages ( x )').

  • Interviews - details of any interviews will be held here. Upon receiving an invitation, you can book a place at interview via this tab. 

  • Offers  - should you receive a post offer, this is where you will view details of the offer and make your response.
  • References - here you will be able to view the referees which you have nominated for your application, and which references have been submitted.
  • Calender -  significant dates can be viewed here.
  • Survey - if you have been requested to complete any surveys via Oriel, these will be viewable here; however, if you are asked to complete a survey for ST3 Recruitment, this will be sent to you via a link from an email and will not be viewable here.

Filters are included at the tops of pages to allow you to locate items relating to particular applications more easily.

The first step to applying is to locate the appropriate vacancy - this is found via the 'vacancies' button in the black menu bar in Oriel.

This will display a list of recruiting programmes/specialties/regions. This list is liklely to be quite long so specialty/post type/grade filters are included to help.

For each of the specialties recruiting to posts in this round, a single vacancy will be created; and each will be listed here.

Here, a vacancy refers to a target for applications. So for example, while there may be 100 programmes available in a round, only one 'vacancy' will be created on the application system and all candidates will apply to that one vacancy.

It is important to select the correct vacancy. The recruitment lead will be specified as 'Physician Specialty Recruitment Office' for national vancancies, however please note that for many specialties Northern Ireland will use a separate vacancy.