ST3 clearing

As the main ST3 recruitment round 1 draws to a close a period of national 'clearing' will be introduced only for specialties using the cascadable application model: acute internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology and diabetes, geriatric medicine and renal medicine.

Some regions will have filled all vacancies, and will still have reserve lists of appointable candidates; at the same time, other regions will still have vacancies available, but will have exhausted their list of candidates.

Consequently the clearing process allows candidate applications to be transferred between regions to allow further vacancies to be filled.

How does this work?

Vacancies which remain available after the main round will be collated and all candidates eligible for clearing will be contacted and invited to preference. Candidates will then be ranked to be considered for offer in order of the total score awarded in the main round.

As with preferencing in the main round, candidates can preference as few or as many posts as they like and if they do not preference, they cannot be made an offer.

Who qualifies for clearing?

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • have been interviewed in the main recruitment round

  • have been passed as eligible for ST3

  • have been assessed as appointable at their interview

  • not have received an ST3 offer in the main round for that specialty, or have accepted an offer from another specialty.

Resident labour market test (RLMT subject candidates)

Candidates subject to the RLMT can only be considered in clearing for the specialties which use it. This is because, in order to fulfil the test, those not subject to the test must be given the opportunity to be considered before RLMT-subject candidates can be offered.

In clearing RLMT-subject candidates will be considered after other eligible candidates, regardless of their total score.

Further information about the RLMT can be found on the UK eligibility page.

Will I need to re-apply or be re-assessed?

No, your assessment from the main round 1 will be used.

When does clearing start?

National clearing will commence around early to mid-May.

This will then continue until either no more posts can be offered to candidates, or no candidates remain in contention for the available posts.