Round 2

After round 1 is complete, a second round of recruitment will be held which opens for applications in late-summer.

We have added a separate page with information about round 2.

2020 recruitment

Details on recruitment to ST3 programmes starting from August 2020 will be added to this website during autumn 2019.

However, the ST3 recruitment process is not likely to change significantly over the coming year, and so the content held on this website currently can be taken as a good guide as to what to expect in the following year's recruitment process.

Local recruitment

In the meantime, there may be short-term ST3-level non-training posts being recruited to locally by hospitals.

Usually this will take the form of LAS (locum appointment for service) posts, and recruitment procedures and requirements will be set by the appointing region/hospital. Where posts are advertised depends on the nation where the post is based:

As this recruitment is carried out locally, vacancies could be advertised at any time and so you are advised to check back regularly if you are interested in seeking a post.